Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This & That

Hello! Amy here! Don't worry, it will always be me. I can't exactly see Scott updating our family blog! :)

We cannot believe 2010 is already here! We were just talking last night about how we cannot believe we have spent the past 5 years together! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. We are so excited about what life has in store for us. We are even more excited to share it with each other! 2010 is sure to be a great year!

We are finally getting all settled into our new house. We bought closet stuff to add more storage to our closets, but we haven't put it up yet. We got some shelves up in the garage and are working on getting that organized. We finally got the living room squared away with a couch and 2 chairs! We hung the tv as well (in preparation for the Super Bowl party)! We purchased a "temporary" dining room table for wicked cheap at World Market as well. So, we have been busy, busy, busy! Whew!

We have also been traveling and going, going, going non-stop! I, personally, am so ready to just "chill". After the honeymoon, it was the Holidays and we were running around settling back in at work & home, as well as buying gifts. We also traveled down to south Florida to Scott's parent's house. Then, for New Years we traveled to New Orleans to watch the Gators in the Sugar Bowl. After New Orleans, a week later I had to go to Orlando for 3 days for a technology conference that I was presenting at. That very same weekend, all my girlfriends were going to Ft. Myers for the weekend and, well, I couldn't miss that!! So, I flew down to Ft. Myers from Orlando and hung out for the weekend. Then, I rented a car and drove back, had one day off, then it was back to work! Now, this upcoming weekend we have to go back down south for a wedding! SHEESH! Needless to say, I'm ready to just settle down, spend a day in bed, and chill.

On a side note, I am beginning to use my Cricut that I got for Christmas more. I used it at school to make some posters for a fundraiser we have coming up.

Anyway, we hope this post finds everyone well.

Until next time......

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