Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, we have finally settled down a little bit! THANK GOODNESS! Life is finally moving at a slower pace and Scott and I have time to stop and breathe some fresh air.

Our Super Bowl party was a huge success. I don't think I have ever had so many people in my house at one time. My goodness! There must have been at least 25 adults and about 6 or 7 kids! WHOA! Our house was a zoo, but it was great to have everyone in one place. Our neighbors Josh & Trish even came over. We really enjoy them!

We finally cleaned out our storage unit! Scott has been working sooooo hard the past few weeks to get the storage unit cleaned out, our garage cleaned out, and last weekend he even painted the garage floors with that gray stuff! He has been hard at work. It looks fantastic. He hung 5 8ft. shelves and put all our tubs and bins up on them. Now everything is off the floor and up on a shelf. We can actually fit 2 cars in there now!! Woohoo! Thanks, Scott!

I am going to be updating with more pictures soon. Pardon me, but I've been a little lazy!

Until next time......

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