Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cutest wreath ever??

Ok, so I have to admit.......I LOVE coming downstairs every morning, pouring my ridiculously large bowl of Cheerios, sitting down and opening my computer to read my blogs in Google Reader!  It seriously is one of my favorite parts of the day!  So today, I was a little late getting to my daily blog reading.  Anywho, in one of the blogs (I forget which.....maybe Tatertots & Jello) I saw the stinkin' cutest wreath I think I have seen yet!  I have been seeing so many adorable Fall/Halloween wreaths lately, but this one takes the cake!  Check it out:

{Lemon Tree Creations}

I am wondering if you can do something like this for Christmas ( Santa legs instead of witch legs.  OOhhhh.....or ELF legs!!  Yes, elf legs would be so stinkin' cute!).  Ok, well it looks like I have found myself a project to work on.  I have to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas because Halloween is just too close for me and with little Emily making her debut any day now, I can just kiss Halloween goodbye this year. 

Until next time.....

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