Monday, January 10, 2011

Boob Toob

I have just found the best thing on the planet for any mom (or mom to-be)!  It's called the Boob Toob!!  I was intrigued just by the name.  I first saw the Boob Toob on another blog (thanks Diary of A Preppy Mom)!  It is a nursing cover that does just that....cover!  I have not yet mastered the typical nursing cover as seen here:

I am convinced all these advertisement photos are totally staged and that there's not really a flailing baby under there.  I don't know about anyone else, but Emily's a kicker.  She is constantly kicking her feet, including during nursing.  Nine times out of ten, she kicks that cover all over creation and my boob ends up hanging out for the world to see anyway.  Not to on Earth do you remove the baby and put your bra back together and everything else while staying covered?!?  I don't get it. 

Enter the Boob Toob.

See the chick on the left?  She's totally rockin' the Boob Toob and nursing no problem while chattin' it up with her homies.  That's what I'm talking about!!

She barely even had to stop shopping to get herself situated in the Boob Toob!
Like I said, I saw the Boob Toob on Diary of A Preppy Mom.  I followed the link to the designer's Etsy shop.  I was in love.  The fabrics were so cute and she had so many to choose from (I had a hard time deciding which one to go with).  I finally narrowed it down and placed my order with some good 'ole gift cards from Christmas. 

I just received mine in the mail today and I LOVE IT!  It's amazing.  It's well made, the fabric is stylish, it was packaged so cute, and she even took the time to write a thank you note for purchasing her product.  I love that! 

If you are a nursing mom or know one who has a birthday or some other occassion coming up (this would be a great baby shower gift), I definitely recommend the Boob Toob! 

Be sure to visit her Etsy store and her Facebook page!

PS.....I was not perked nor paid to write this blog entry.  I paid for my Boob Toob in full.  She is not a sponsor or anything like that (in fact, I don't have any!  LOL).  I just really love this product so far and think it's fab!  So there ya have it!

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