Monday, February 28, 2011

Downstairs Makeover

Last  month hubby dear and I took on a pretty big project (for us, at least).  We painted half of our downstairs.  We painted the family room, the kitchen, breakfast nook, and office area.  We also painted the half bath.  The bathroom turned out awesome!!  It’s my favorite.  I’m not 100% done decorating it, etc. but I’m constantly switching stuff around so I figure it’ll probably never be truly done!  Now, you guys know by now that I am HORRIBLE at taking before pictures.  But I did my best.
Um….yes, this is what my walls looked like in my family room for about 3 weeks.  I just couldn’t decide which “route” I wanted to take.  Blue or gray?  Blue or gray?  I am so indecisive.  But we finally decided on gray!
Holy mess!  This drove me insane!
The hubs is such a trooper!
Not the best picture to tell the true color, but pretty close.  Nevermind Fonzie, he’s just chillin’!
This is a good pic of the color.
We painted above the cabinets in the kitchen as well.  Ignore our mess on the counters.  Painting is a messy task!
And here’s the 1/2 bath!  My favorite!  I wanted blue somewhere so I figured this would be a good space to incorporate it.  Best decision ever!  I love it!  This picture isn’t the best because it was taken at night.
This is a little better!  I added the small square shelves above the toilet.  And our favorite painting from our honeymoon in Hawaii to the right of the toilet.  I would like to get a silver or white frame for this one day.
We got a new rug and some new hand towels from the ever so amazing Tarjay!  I still need to find a picture or something to go above the towel bar. 
All in all, I love the transformation!  I’ll be back tomorrow to share some other little projects I did to spruce up the spaces!

UPDATE:  The color we used in the bathroom is called Nordic Blue.  It's from Lowe's and is part of the Waverly Home Classics collection.



  1. I really love your bathroom makeover. It is good inspiration because we just bought a house and I was trying to decide on a color for our guest bath and blue it is. :) I wanted to suggest to you, that until you get he frame you want for your picture from Hawaii, why don't you take the frame you have off and spray paint it whatever color you want? super easy and cheap to do. :)

  2. Would love to know the name of the paint you used for the half-bath walls. Thanks!

  3. Square shelves above the toilet look amazingly...but I have not realized whether there is an orchid in one of them? It will perish, won't it???


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