Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY Bow Holder

Up until today, I had been stuffing all of Emily’s bows in a drawer in her closet.  It was hard to see all the options because they were just piled on top of each other.  Her headbands were also thrown in the mix.  This made finding the perfect “topping” for her outfits tedious…..I had to dig through all the mess! 
I have seen a few bow holders floating around in Blogland and I decided to take a stab at one today!  The other day I bought the wooden square and the wooden “E” at Jo Anns.  I already had everything else I needed on hand!
I painted the wooden square white (sorry, I don’t have a picture of these steps.  I’m sooooo bad about that).  Then, I cut out some scrapbook paper I had to fit on the front of the square. 
Next, I painted the “E” hot pink.  I didn’t like it so “hot” so I painted a baby pink over the top of it.  I left the sides and the inside of the “E” hot pink to add some contrast. 
photo 1
{sorry for the shotty iPhone pic}
I thought the “E” was kind of plain so I took some pink rhinestones I had on hand and added them to the edges of the “E”. 
Much better!
Then, I added some ribbon to the bottom and to the top to hang and voila!  A cute bow holder for Emily’s bows!

The only problem is…..I think she’s going to need a longer ribbon hanging from the bottom!  Yikes!



  1. what a cute idea. and so practical too. Hopefully you can attach a longer ribbon!


  2. Such a cute creation, love it! I get so stuck on making things for the boys; no pink, no ruffles and no dressing up accessories - it seems like theres nothing left!!

  3. Hey we must think alike!! :) How funny that they are both E's! Cute Cute!

  4. This is a cute idea! I love how pink it is.

  5. How cute! Love the little birdie scrabook paper you used!

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