Thursday, May 12, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Ok, so I’ve been slackin’ on my Awkward & Awesome posts.  Sorry about that.  I’ve skipped out on the past few weeks for a couple reasons.  Mostly, I haven’t had much awkwardness or awesomeness happening.  A couple of the weeks I was out of town and just couldn’t fit in a blog post.  So this awkward & awesome is going to cover the past several weeks!

Are ya ready?

Here we go!


  • My baby pooping everywhere.  In the middle of Walmart.  And it got on my hand….in the middle of Walmart.  Gross.
  • Watching my fat jiggle in the mirror at the gym.  Gross.  Maybe we should turn this into “gross & awesome” instead.
  • That elephant in the room.  Gotta love that.
  • Strangers stopping and touching my child.  So weird.  Get your hands off my baby!!  I don’t know you!
  • Visible boob sweat.  Nobody likes that.


  • Seeing some of the best people on the planet in Miami!  Haven’t seen those friends in forever & it was a blast seeing them.
  • My baby doing AMAZING in the car ride down to South Florida.  Seven & a half hours and she was fabulous!
  • My new sewing machine.  So what I’ve only sewn one pillow so far on it.  It’s still awesome.  I just know it!
  • Pinterest.  Awesome.  ‘Nuff said!
  • My husband.  He’s pretty cool.
  • The Florida weather.  It’s pipin’ hot and I love it!
  • My post about my DIY Mercury Glass getting a lot of attention from Krylon!  Krylon Crafts tweeted about my project and I was asked (by the Krylon digital marketing team) to have my project posted to Krylon’s Project In A Can website!  Suh-weet!


By the way, we reached 50 followers!!  Wahoooo!  So, stay tuned for an awesome giveaway on Friday!!





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  1. Yay for getting noticed! So exciting :)

    and I'm looooving Pinterest, too! isn't it addictive?!


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