Sunday, May 15, 2011

Emily’s 1st Birthday {Inspiration}

Ok, so I know Emily is only 6 months old, but yes….I have started planning her 1st birthday party!  I think I just want it to be perfect and I want her to look back on pictures one day and see what an amazing party she had.  I have so many ideas floating around in this crazy head of mine. 

I have been back & forth on what theme I wanted to go with.  She was born in November so I initially wanted something “fall-ish”.  But not corny “fall-ish”.  Are you with me?  But then I saw some cute all pink parties.  Everything was pink.  Different shades of pink…..but pink.  I thought that was super cute.  Then I saw some cute parties with turquoise and pink and green and red and purple and I loved it!!!  But then I thought it wasn’t girly enough.  I was so back-and-forth and just plain ‘ole indecisive. 

Then a few weeks ago when we were in South Florida, I had to make my usual trip to Ikea since we don’t have one here and all.  It would be an utter sin if I went down there and didn’t make a trip to Ikea.  While we were there, I saw it.  Yes, IT!!!  I saw the inspiration piece for Emily’s first birthday party!


It was perfect!  It had the turquoise and the pink and green and purple that I like.  It had owls which I am lovin’ right now and they bring in the Fall element.  But I also thought it was still kind of girly because the one tree looks like a doily so I thought I could bring that into play in the decor for her party!  Of course I snagged this piece of art for $9.99 so I can have it to display at her party!

So the planning and searching for fun stuff has begun.  I have a pin board on Pinterest that I created a while back for her party inspiration.  I’m definitely going to start pinning more stuff to it now that I know what direction I’m going in with this party.

I’m thinking some of these will be good:


And some of these:



Oh and these:


I have so many ideas running around, I just hope I can pull it all off! 

If you find any fun ideas, send them my way!


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