Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Front porch schnazzy-up

Well, I guess I’m just into “schnazzying” things up lately!  Again, don’t hold my grammar against me!  I like my made up verbage!

The weather here in Florida has been AH-MAZING!!!  It seriously couldn’t get any better!  It makes me want to be outside…..all.day.long!

Our front porch wasn’t really conducive to just sittin’ and chillin’ and sippin’ and readin’.  And those are all things I want to do on my front porch!  We had a wicker couch with a super cute cushion on it on the porch.  But it just wasn’t working for me.  It was shoved up by the front door and it was just so cluttered and blah.  So, I moved the couch to our upstairs balcony.  Which left me nowhere to sit and chill and sip and read.  Hhmmm….

My solution?  I found these cheap-o plastic adirondak chairs at Big Lots for $16 buckaroos!  I sure as heck was not going to pay over $100 EACH for the wood ones (although I am a HUGE fan of those, I’m too cheap!).  So I got 2 chairs from Big Lots for $16 each and some cute matching pillows from Target for $12!  We already had a wood table that I stuck in the middle of the 2 chairs.  While perusing the disaster area…..I mean, the aisles of Big Lots (for the first time in like…..7 years), I found a fun turquoise jar!  I’m in love with turquoise right now!  I think it reminds me of the beach, which is where I want to be right now.  I filled the jar with some beach pebbles and put it on the wooden table. 

Here’s how my front porch is looking now:



{This pic was taken pre-beach pebbles.  Sorry.}


While I was at Big Lots, I found these fun Waverly microfiber towels in my favorite print……QUATREFOIL!


And the $5 price tag wasn’t too shabby either!




What are you doing to prepare your outdoor space for Spring/Summer?



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  1. We have the same porch chairs. I shattered one when my fat ass tried to balance myself on the seat and chair back to pull myself onto the balcony because I locked myself out of the house. It's a great feeling, destroying your lawn furniture and still having to write a check to the locksmith after all. I realize now I'm not cutout for Parkour.

    Great blog! I definitely like the awkward/awesome series. Brilliant!


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