Friday, May 20, 2011

May happenings {catch-up}

May has been a super busy month so far.  And I am super behind on blog posts about all that’s been going on!  So let’s rewind back to the very beginning of May (actually, the end of April).
The last weekend of April we traveled down to South Florida for Scott’s goddaughter’s first Communion.  We killed a lot of birds with one stone that weekend because his mom also lives down there, as well as all of his best friends.  So we hung out with his mom on Friday, went to the Communion and the party on Saturday, and then on Sunday we had a BBQ/pool party with all of our close friends down there.
{Not a great pic, but she looks so cute!}
{This is Scott, Emily, and me with his goddaughter and her sister.}
Sunday was the pool party/BBQ.  It was a lot of fun and really great to see everyone.  We were really excited for everyone to meet Emily for the first time!  But, before we headed to the party, we met one of my very dear friends, Andrea, for breakfast.
{Such a cute picture.  Emily was obsessed with her necklace.  And I kind of was too.  So cute.}
{Me, Andrea, and Em}
{I’m not sure who let these 3 guys have the babies.  LOL.  But, a good pic nonetheless.}
{This is Mariola & AJ.  Our due date was one day apart.  She ended up having AJ a few weeks early though.}
{Emily loves the water.}
{These are all the babies!  It’s crazy to think that just 4 years ago, none of these bambinos existed!  Now they’re everywhere!!}
Moving on……
The next event was Cinco de Mayo.  I hosted a small dinner party at my house.  I tried to get creative with the decor, but only had a couple of days to clean and pull it all together since we had just got back from South Florida.
Here’s what I came up with….
Nothing crazy or special but it was fun.  We had some Skinny Girl Margaritas and they were yum!  Have you guys had that before?  You gotta try it!
Next up…..Emily’s BBF’s (baby best friend’s) baptism.  That’s right!  Miss Jhett Olivia Lauer was baptized in a really cute & simple ceremony.
{Sorry the picture is so horrible.  I didn’t have my good camera with me.}
{Jhett & Emily kind of <3 each other.}
{So stinkin’ cute.}
I made this shirt, bow, & pacifier clip for Jhett’s baptism gift:
And last but not least…..Mother’s Day!  I had such a wonderful day with my husband and my sweet baby girl.  They got me a sewing machine!!  I was so excited!  I’ve already sewn a few pillows!  My mom & dad came over that evening and we grilled out and just enjoyed each other’s company.
{My mom, Emily, and I!}
{Me & my sweet girl.  Whew, I look rough!  We had been out riding around on the golf cart so I was a mess.}
{See that pretty bracelet I’m wearing?  My mom got me that for Mother’s Day!}
Ok, so I think I’m all caught up now!  Whew!  Sorry if I bored you with my life stories & events.  I promise I’ll have something more exciting next time! 

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