Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

It was a rather uneventful week.  But I have a few awkward & awesome things that happened to me this week.  So here we go!


  • The pillowcase I made at last night’s sewing class (however, please see the “awesome” list below for further details).
  • Deodorant balls in my armpits.
  • Calling the deck guy to get an estimate and while talking to him, I immediately get a deep southern accent.  Weird.
  • When Fonzie (Scott’s 35 pound mutt dog) tries to hump Daisy (my cute 5 pound Chihuahua) in the backyard.


  • The sewing class that a gal in the neighborhood is hosting!  She is so good and I don’t feel stupid asking dumb questions!!  I’m excited to learn pillowcase dresses next time!!! (*Hi LE*!  You made it on the awesome list!  Winking smile)
  • I just updated to the new version of Windows Live Writer and it’s awesome!  Can’t believe I was stuck using the old one for so long.
  • I got my classroom all cleaned out in just 2 days!  Not too shabby.
  • My dad for helping me clean out said classroom.
  • Summa, summa, summatime!
  • The fact that Emily pretty much sits up like a pretty little lady on her own now.
  • I get to see a great friend this weekend and her cute ‘lil baby bump!!  Yay for baby showers!
  • Pinterest.  period.
  • My husband {don’t I say that every week?}.


And because I hate posts with no pictures, here is a gratuitous photo of my lil babe.


Her 7 month post is coming soon.  Maybe later today {if I can peel myself away from the pool}.

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  1. OK little Emily is beyond adorable!! Deodorant balls are the worst!! Hate em! And I am so glad I stumbled across your blog and am now following!! Happy weekend!
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