Friday, September 2, 2011

A Few Firsts

I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 10 months on Saturday.  I’m kind of starting to stress about her first birthday party. 

Lame.  I know. 

I know I need to slow down and really cherish these last couple of months before she turns one.  I get all emotional just thinking about  my sweet baby turning one.  UGH.

Obviously, Miss Emily has had many firsts.  The first time she discovered her hands, the first time she cooed, the first time she smiled at us, the first time she laughed, the first time she rolled over, the first time she crawled, the first time she pulled herself up on something.  The list could literally go on and on.  So many of those firsts I haven’t been able to “capture” because they have happened to quickly.  And I could really kick myself for not being better about keeping track of milestones. 

But, these were a couple of firsts I was able to capture! 

Scott & I decided to take Em to the park the other day (yes, in the 97 degree heat) to swing for the first time!






I think she liked it!  Smile

The next first was her first time taking a “big girl bath”.  Yup.  She has officially outgrown the sling thingy that we used in the tub.  I milked it for as long as I could.  So here’s my sweet girl splashing around in her first “big girl bath”.





That is one child who LOVES her bath!  She has always done really well during bath time and has loved it. 


She even has a tooth!  Seriously.  What’s next?  A boyfriend?  UGH!

Ok, I’m off to pluck my gray hairs……

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with the 87483 pictures of my child!  God bless you.

Have a great weekend!

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