Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Wonderful World of Pinterest {and a little catching up…}

Hey guys! 

I miss you!!  I have been MIA for the past week or so and I am so sorry! 

I tell ya, starting an Etsy shop isn’t as easy as I thought it would be!  Whew!  I’ve been busy creating my business cards, thank you notes, and stickers for my packages!  I’ve also been busy buying up my supplies and already FILLING ORDERS

I can’t believe it!  My babysitter literally just showed up so I can work on some orders today!  I love it!

I also am setting up a “booth” at our neighborhood’s Harvest Gathering.  My neighborhood is super family oriented and we have a huge community center with a giant pool and courtyard and playground area.  We have several events throughout the year for families to enjoy.  The Harvest Gathering is just a time for everyone in the neighborhood to get together and enjoy the cool weather and some local vendors together.  I am going to be one of those vendors!!  Eeep! I am so nervous!!  So I am also trying to get some different crafts done for that as well! 

I would love for you guys to share any creative ideas you may have for me as far as setting up my table and displaying things goes! 

I’ve never done anything like this so I’m pretty nervous.  Excited, but nervous!  I need all the tips & tricks I can get!

Ok….so on to my favorite Pinterest finds lately {and man….are these some good ones}!!!

First off….have you seen these printable tags?  So cute and they would add the perfect touch to your gifts!

Um… this not the cutest thing ever for your laundry room!?!  I think I might make a few of these for my booth at the Harvest Gathering!

I love everything about these glitter cake pops.  I think I kinda need these for Emily’s first birthday party!!

Hello gorgeous chevron rug from Urban Outfitters! 

I am in love with everything about this burger bar!  I’m thinking something like this would be so fun for the Super Bowl party this year!

I’m sure this is nothing new, but I just LOVE these baskets!!  I have one basket on my stairs for everything, but I love the individualized baskets!  Everyone is responsible for their own!  Love it!

I love this master bedroom!  The bedding, the sunburst mirror, the headboard, the chandelier….oh my!  I also love it because we have an odd placed window in our master just like this one!  It’s always been a pain in my butt, but now I have some inspiration!

Hahahaha.  These just crack me up!!!

That’s it, folks!  That’s all I’ve got for ya this week! 

Stay tuned!  I am going to be featuring my favorite Fall/Halloween Pinterest finds later this week!

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  1. How exciting that you're having a booth at your neighborhood's gathering! I always love Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy's craft table set ups...she uses a lot of "vintage" items as containers for her products. So cute! Good luck with your show!! :)


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