Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Freebie {Linky Party Checklist}

Hi Friends!  Happy Friday!!
I took a few minutes today to whip up a little checklist of sorts.  I love to link up to all the different linky parties!  Let’s face it, it generates a ton of extra traffic and I just love, love, love checking out all the other ideas!  There is so much creativity & inspiration to be found in blogland!  But, I found myself not being able to keep up with which parties I had linked up to already!  I would link projects to a party, then a couple days later not be able to remember if I actually linked to that party or not.  Typical Amy!
So I decided the best solution for me would be to create a checklist.  I needed to be able to have the project name at the top with a list of all the linky parties I participate in underneath with a box next to them so I could easily check them off!
Here’s what I came up with:
linky party checklist
I created the checklist in Excel.  It’s definitely nothing fancy and I whipped it up in about 5 minutes flat (naptime was coming to an end)!  But, it’s functional and is just what I needed.  I’m happy with it.  And I actually ended up being able to fit 3 on a page!  I will probably end up just printing one on cardstock and putting it behind a sheet protector so I can use a dry erase marker on top.  That way I won’t have to waste paper and ink by printing out lots of copies!  Win!
I wanted to share my checklist with you incase you have the same dilemma I do each week!  I am sharing the actual Excel document so you can make any changes you might need to make.  This way you can include the linky parties you participate in! 
Click here to download the Linky Party Checklist!
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

Oh….and don’t forget about the 31 Gifts giveaway!!
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I am linking up to many of these great parties:


  1. Such a great idea!! I will definitely be downloading this!

  2. such a great idea! I feel like there are so many linky parties you cant ever seem to keep up with all of them!


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