Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Organized: My Master Bedroom Closet


Hey guys! 

Happy Friday!!

Have you noticed all the amazing organizing tips and projects in blogland recently??  I just love it all!  I just love it when the New Year rolls around and I get that itch to just purge and clean and organize!

I told you about how I’m determined to get organized this year and even showed you my first small project toward that goal.

Well, I took on another project this week and tackled my master bedroom closet.  It was a HOT MESS!!!!  Holy cow.  That is one major downfall of our home……the closets are SO small!  We have this nice big home, and teeeeeeny tiny closets.  Doesn’t make sense to me, but there’s nothing I can do about it!

I got tired of not being able to find anything in my closet, I couldn’t really see the floor, couldn’t get to my shoes, and there was so much crap in there that I hadn’t touched in 2 years.  So I knew it was time to do some cleaning out.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I’ll show you my process.

{I apologize for some of these pictures.  The lighting in the hallway where my closet is is the worst.}

IMG_7177 IMG_7178

IMG_7179 IMG_7181


I mean, it always has to get worse before it gets better right!?  Of course I had my little helper on hand.

I started by clearing everything off the floor.  Then I vacuumed the carpet in the closet.  I made sure to get in all the creases by the baseboards since those areas ummm…NEVER get cleaned!

Then I went through all my clothes.  If it hasn’t been worn in a year or so, it got tossed in the donation pile!



I decided that I wanted easier access to my shoes.  My shoes are stored on shoe shelves that are behind the door.  So I would have to “walk in” my closet and close the door to get to my shoes.  And that means I had to do that to put them away too.  Yeah, that never really happened.  I’d end up just tossing them on the floor as I passed by.  Not good.  So I moved them to that empty space at the back of the closet.

master closetSo much better! 

I also have a shoe organizer on the back of my door that holds all my flip flops.  Living in Florida…..I’ve got A LOT of flip flops.  Well, I went through them and some of them had literally never been on my feet at all or in at least a couple years.  So I threw those in the donate pile too!  That freed up a ton of pockets on the shoe organizer so I put my scarves, mittens, winter hats, belts, and small purses/wristlets in those pockets.

IMG_7187 scarf and belt organization

I went through my sweaters as well.  I had them in a HUGE box from Ikea that took up so much space.  But I went through that box and donated about half of the sweaters in there.  Again….I hadn’t worn them in YEARS!  Why was I holding on to them!?!  I was able to get rid of the big box and put my sweaters on an empty shelf (right above my shoes).

OH….and I hung all my purses up behind the door nice & neat!IMG_7199


And because everyone loves a good before and after…….

Picnik collage

And here’s the donation pile I ended up with.

donation pile

It filled up 3 trash bags!  Woohoo!

I just smile when I walk past my closet now.  I’m motivated to actually hang clothes back up and put my shoes away now!  I wish I would’ve had time to paint it a fun color and maybe add some stripes or something or maybe some fun artwork, but I’m just happy to have made it as far as I did with my crazy little toddler running around!

So…what do you think?  Much better right?  My next space to organize is going to be the guest room closet! 

What spaces have you organized so far this year?


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  1. Great job! I need to get on the ball and organize our closets. They are a hot mess!

  2. Seeing your before and after really makes me wish I was home right now to redo MY closet!! haha Great job!! :)

  3. good job! Organizing is the best medicine.

  4. you should save some wine bottles and stick them in your boots to prevent them from sagging over. this will help keep the boots smooth and decrease the creasing from being slumped over during the months you dont wear them! :)


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