Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life As Of Late

So last week I took a couple days off from my cleaning and organizing madness.  I spent those days with my sweet baby girl.  So many days I get so caught up with cleaning, projects, organizing and making sure things are “just so” that I forget to stop and really treasure the time I have with sweet Emily.
So we took a few days last week to just chill and do fun stuff together.  One day we went to our very first “Mommy & Me” class!  It was so cute and I think Em had a lot of fun.

{These are all iPhone photos so sorry if the quality isn’t that great!}
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We also went on a picnic!  Emily loves spending time with her B.B.F (baby best friend) down the street!  And I gotta say…..I really love spending time with her B.B.F’s mom!  It’s so nice to get together with other moms and have some adult interaction!
photo 3

Emily didn’t even want to eat!  She just wanted to run and play!  And her B.B.F. quickly joined in!

And we went on lots and lots of walks!
photo 1

Emily found a leaf!  She wasn’t sure what to think of it.  She saved it for later in her little storage compartment in the front of her car!  So cute.  Sometimes I just wish I could get inside that little brain of hers and see what she’s thinking!

We had such a great few days last week! 

Thanks to my parents watching Emily, I was able to sneak out for a couple hours one night last week.  I went to a cake class called “Corks & Cakes”.  My neighbor is actually the instructor and she was the one who made Emily’s smash cake for her 1st birthday!  When she posted Em’s owl smash cake on her Facebook page, she had a huge response and people wanted that cake to be one of the classes!  So, she made last week’s class the “owl cake” theme!  I just had to do it!  Here’s how mine turned out:

photo 5
Not too shabby!  And it was yummy too!  Next month we’re making a ruffle cake!  I can’t wait to learn how to do that!

So….that’s what has been going on with us ‘round here!  Well, that and of course I had to squeeze in a few projects and a little organizing.  I’ll share some of that with you later this week!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!  You kinda make my day!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun time with your baby girl!!! I love my days home with Jillian, I plan on being a SAHM in a few months when our little boy is here. I am really looking forward to it!

    You totally rocked the owl cake!! Love it!

    Enjoy your day!


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