Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas wish list

So back at the end of November when everyone started asking me what I wanted for Christmas, I had nothing.  Seriously.  I couldn't think of anything.  With Emily just being born, my mind wasn't on me.  All my thoughts/attention/everything was all about Emily.  Now, don't get me wrong....it still is.  But I have had a little bit more time to ponder some things I would like for Christmas. 

So.... here is my {ever-growing} Christmas list!

A Maya Wrap
{moms....what do you think about this wrap??} 
Zumba workout video for Wii

Jeep jogging stroller
{not that there will be any jogging going on in this butt-cold weather}

Sewing machine! 
{I know nothing about them, but this one looked shnazzy!}

And I don't necessarily WANT....but I NEED clothes. 

That's not really a horribly selfish Christmas list is it?  Especially considering 2 of the things are really for the baby! 

Oh, Santa baby please be nice this year!

The iHome docking station for iPhone

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  1. Hey girly! So happy I can go to your blog and see how you're doing... I love your christmas list... how do you have time for all this? you are a superwoman!
    PS I used the baby qtan wrap and loved it (b/c it had like a million possible positions, and including 2 for nursing)... sorry, i havent heard anything about maya, but i'll let you know if i do!


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