Monday, February 7, 2011

Emily – 3 Months

Holy cow!!  Is my baby girl seriously already 3 months!?!  Time flies.  It’s funny because I feel like 3 months sounds like a long time.  But when I look back on our delivery day, time in the hospital, and some other events that took place within the first month, I feel like that was a year ago!!  It’s weird.  Emily had professional pictures taken on Saturday (which I am super excited to share when we get them)!  But, in the meantime….here are some not so professional pictures I took last Thursday (February 3, 2011), on her 3 month birthday!

IMG_4860 copy
IMG_4866 copy
IMG_4889 copy

Here are Miss Emily’s 3 month stats:
Height:  Not really sure.  She didn’t have a doc’s appointment this month.  But, we can definitely tell she’s getting longer!
Weight:  I’m guessing my girl is clocking in at a good 13 or 14 pounds.  She was 11 lbs 6 oz at her last appointment a month ago.
Head Circumference:  Again, no idea.  We’ll get an update at her 4 month appointment.
New Developments:  Emily you are now wearing a size 1-2 diaper.  The size ones fit you pretty good, but the size 1-2 fit you great.  Boy oh boy have you discovered those hands!!  I am so amazed at how alert you are.  You pay attention to us when we walk in a room or walk away from you.  You follow us with your eyes.  You definitely don’t skip a beat.  You are grabbing things now.  You like to play with your burp cloths.  You grab them and put them up to your face.  The other day, mommy was wearing a scarf and you were just pulling and tugging on it.  It’s really amazing to watch you grow and learn new things every day.  You are still “talking” up a storm.  You coo and make the funniest noises.  You have recently started blowing spit bubbles with your mouth.  It is too funny.  You are also sleeping in your crib like a big girl!  You have been sleeping in your crib for a few weeks now and you are doing great!  Mommy really thought the transition from our room to your crib was going to be a tough one, but it really wasn’t.  It didn’t phase you a bit!  You are such a good baby.  Mommy did some research and read some books and I have you sleeping like a champ now!  You are a pretty good napper (you nap in your own crib, too) and you sleep great at night.  For about the past 2 weeks, you have been sleeping from 9:00 pm until 7:00 am.  AMAZING!!  That’s 10 hours!!  Holy cow!  We are so blessed that you are such a good baby and sleep so well.  You continue to smile at us and just bring us so much joy.  I cannot get over how cute you are and how much love I have for you.  You have definitely made mommy’s life complete.  I love you.

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