Thursday, April 14, 2011

What do you do when you can’t find what you want? Make it, of course!

I have been searching for a coffee table ottoman for weeks now!  We bought new couches (post & pics on that coming soon) and literally are having new carpet installed as I type this.  We have carpet in just the family room of our house, which is nice especially since Pee Wee is becoming more and more mobile.  I’ll share all the details in another post!  Back to the ottoman…..

Our couches don’t recline.  Bummer.  We are a reclining family, for sure!  So, not being able to put our feet up with these new couches is kind of cramping our style to say the least.  To remedy this problem, I have been searching high and low for a cocktail ottoman to double as a coffee table for our new family room.  I have found a couple that like, but to the tune of $400 and up.  UGH!  My love is this beauty from West Elm:

LOVE IT!  But with shipping and tax and everything else, it’s well over $400!  We are trying to do this on the cheap, cheap (especially considering we just bought a couch, loveseat, end tables, carpet, padding, installation of said carpet, and removal of old carpet).

I’ve done a little bloggy research and found a few blogs where people made cocktail ottomans out of Craigslist coffee tables!  Ummm….genius!

Here is one I found that is fabulous and it sounds so easy!

Look how great that looks!

I was immediately inspired!  I thought, “Hey!  I can do that!”.  So I am going to attempt my own coffee table ottoman.

I started my search on Craigslist and found a coffee table that I think will work!

And it’s only $50, which means I can probably get it for $30 or $40 at the most!  Score!

I am still deciding on fabric to cover it with. 

I am hoping this project is not just a pipe dream and that I can actually do it.  We shall see.

I’ll keep ya posted!




  1. what a cute idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Love it! You can totally do it. Let me know if you need any help with anything. I could keep Em for you while you work on it! :-)
    If you haven't bought your piece yet check some Goodwill's too.
    B and I bought a TV stand from Goodwill (on a day when furniture was 50% off) at the end of March we are going to re-finish and use when we move to his house. And it was only $25!

  3. Such a great idea!! I have been looking for one for 2 years! I will so copy you!


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