Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Steps

I have mentioned a few times here that I am taking baby steps with my blog.  I absolutely love to write and share my daily shenanigans with anyone who is willing to listen read.  I truly write on this blog because I want to.  I want to document my life as a wife and mom doing the things I enjoy.  But the added bonus……YOU GUYS!  Yup, you!  It is so nice to know that I have people out there that have taken the time to click the little “follow” button on the sidebar and want to go on this journey with me.  I love comments, and I love knowing that you’re out there somewhere.  It’s such a great little bonus to something I already enjoy doing.

My first “baby step” was to have a giveaway when I reached 50 followers.  That happened and we had a great giveaway sponsored by my friend Brooke.  Woo-hoo!

My next “baby step” and/or goal is 75 followers.  When I reach 75 followers, I think I am going to treat myself to a blog makeover.  I have tried to do it myself, and it is just plain ‘ole tiring.  Between making headers in Photoshop and trying to figure out the HTML code to change things around in Blogger…..it wears me out.  Seriously.  And I just don’t have time for it. 

So, I’ve checked out a few design services and I think I’ve decided on B’s Blog Boutique

She has designed for some of my favorite blogs including Tatertots & Jello and The Shabby Chic Cottage.  And her prices really aren’t bad at all.

So that’s that.  75 followers and I’m diving head first into full blog overhaul!  That sounds reasonable, right?

So spread the word and tell your friends to come follow my blog {because I reeeeeeeaaally want a makeover}!

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  1. so exciting! If I weren't such a cheapo, I would totally do a makeover, too :)


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