Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our little girl is all grown up….

Ok, so maybe not all grown up!  But she did take a big step toward womanhood on Sunday. 


Yup, she got her ears pierced!  I think she looks sooooo stinkin’ cute! 

And you know what?  She was a trooper!  She cried {obviously….I think I cried when I got my 3rd hole at like 17 years old.  That junk hurts!}, but she was over it after a couple of minutes. 

photo photo (1)

Scott did such a great job with her.  He sat in the piercing seat and held her while I was having a meltdown in the corner.  Hah!  Poor baby, she didn’t even have a clue what was comin’ in those pictures above.

So here are some shots I snapped earlier of her new bling! 


IMG_5447 IMG_5448


You don’t really realize how squirmy these little rugrats are until you try to take a picture of them!  Sheesh!  I almost never got a decent picture of the new jewels {ok, ok….they’re cubic zirconia but a girl can pretend, right?}.

Anyway, we ended up doing it at good ‘ole Claires.  I was really pleased with the whole process.  The girl who did it was really good and she took her time and was great with Emily.  VEEEEEERRRYYYYY important to this mama!  All in all, I’m glad we did it because I was so indecisive about it {especially doing it at Claires}.  I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to put my baby girl through that and I was worried about all sorts of minor stuff.  But, it all worked out and she’s well on her way to becoming a little lady!





  1. Amy,

    Was searching for a GF's blog and came across yours. Started reading and came across your post about having your baby dd's ears pierced. I think you were a smart mommy for piercing your dd’s ears early.

    Admittedly, I know a lot of people have strong feelings when to pierce a child’s ear. “Let them decide” is being replaced by parental decision when mommy intuition knows, “earlier is better” from either personal or friend’s experiences of unpleasant childhood ear piercing.

    I think it just depends on your own personal choice whether or not you wish your baby or little girl to have pierced ears.

    Initially, I was unsure too, but asked our ped for her opinion about having our dd's ears pierced. She reached in her pocket and took out a picture of her six month little girl with gold balls in each ear, saying," ...this is what I think." She encouraged me to go ahead and said it was best as an infant when mommy could care for them. She has never had a baby with a pierced ear infection, but has had quite a few older girls ages 2-5 who said they wanted it done, but failed to care for them. She gave me some " Care Tips for Newly Pierced Ears " since
    she had so many moms ask about having their infants and little girls ears pierced.

    Like you, I was almost having an anxiety attack when I took Sandi to have her ears pierced. I know cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls, right? Growing up I remember many of my little girlfriends were not allowed to get their ears pierced. I could never understand it…but when their parents did finally let them, it always seemed they’d get infected because they were constantly touching them or trying to change out the earrings before they were supposed too.

    Congrats on making a great decision on behalf of your dd. She'll thank you later for the "gift of pierced ears" as an infant. If you or any
    mom would like any of our ped’s care tips for infants, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail.



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