Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emily 7 Months {Better Late Than Never}

Ok, I am so late on posting this!  My poor child turned 7 months old on June 3rd, and I am just now getting around to posting her 7 month update!  Whoops!

Anyway, my sweet baby girl is getting so big!  She took all of her picture this month sitting up like a pretty little lady!  Here are some pics I took {I’m too lazy to edit, so these are straight out of the camera}.

IMG_5488  IMG_5490IMG_5491IMG_5496   IMG_5497IMG_5502IMG_5505   IMG_5507IMG_5510IMG_5511IMG_5516IMG_5518IMG_5534

7 Month Stats:

Height:  Not sure.  I’m assuming around 26”.

Weight: Probably around 17 pounds.  I don’t know though, I feel like she’s actually slimmed up a little! 

Head Circumference: Not sure.  We don’t even have another appointment until 9 months!  Geez!

New Developments: Wow!  Where do I start???  Emily, you are still rolling like a mad woman!  Literally the second I put you on your back you immediately roll over to your tummy 9 times out of 10.  You still sleep on your tummy every night and that is your favorite way to sleep! But, you are starting to “crawl” now!  You get up on your hands and knees with your chest lifted real high and you rock back and forth.  You’ll put one knee forward and scoot forward a little, then heave yourself forward.  If you are in your playroom, you’ll grab your rug and pull yourself forward.  You are still eating your “solid” foods.  You eat sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, bananas, pears, and apples.  You also like squash and beans.  I made you some apples & pears with cinnamon and you liked it.  I also made you some sweet potatoes and broccoli and you loved that!  Yay for veggies!  You still are drinking water out of a sippee cup after you eat your solid foods.  You don’t drink a lot of it because you are still getting used to the sippee cup.  I am going to try to get you a different cup that has a straw.  You always grab at mommy’s straw in my drinks and you put it straight in your mouth so we’ll see how you do with that.  You are talking more than ever!  You make all kinds of noises with your mouth.  You also giggle & laugh a lot.  Daddy can really make you laugh.  And the peek-a-boo game that Grandma Newsome plays with you just cracks you up.  She loves it too.  You have started noticing the dogs more and they make you laugh when they walk around or scratch themselves.  It also cracks you up to go up and down the stairs now.  I have no idea why, but you laugh every time!  You are really playing with your toys more and more.  You can hold on to things pretty well.  You are still in size 2 diapers and can still wear some size 3-6 months clothes, but mostly 6 month clothes.  You are growing so fast.  You have been kind of cranky the past couple of weeks though.  Maybe your teeth are really bothering you.  I’ll be kind of glad when your teeth come in.  I think you’ll be so cute with little teeth poking out!  I pray that we remember and cherish this time forever!  You’re the best and we love you so, so, so much!!

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