Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinterest tips & tricks

So, yes, I am still obsessed with Pinterest.  So much inspiration out there!  It’s yummy!

I have always wondered if any of my stuff from my blog has been “pinned”.  Have you ever wondered that?

If so, I have just the trick for you!

If you are wanting to see what has been pinned from your blog or website, just follow this very simple step:

In your browser’s address bar type:

Where it says “yourblogaddresshere” you would obviously type the URL of your blog.

Here’s what I would type to see my blog, for example:

Then, I am able to see all the stuff that has been pinned from my blog:

Pretty neat, right?  Apparently  my crockpot lemon herb chicken was a hit!

Go check it out!  You might be surprised!


  1. Hey Amy, that is a nifty trick to know! Thanks! Stopping by after I saw your comment on my blog. We're currently looking for blogging mamas to test out some new products. Email me at if you're interested, would love to have you:)

  2. That's so neat! I actually had something pinned! So cool :)

    Following you from Wandering Wednesday!

    I'd love a follow back :)


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