Friday, June 3, 2011

Playroom {Keeping It Real}



Emily’s Playroom



This is the current state of Emily’s playroom.  *sigh*

I didn’t stage or even pick up for these pictures.  I’m keepin’ it real!

  It’s getting there though.

This used to be our formal living room.  But let’s face it, no one ever really uses their formal living room.  And we’re not really “stuffy” enough to have a “formal” anything {No offense to people that have formal spaces.  They’re beautiful.  Just not practical for us.}

Here’s what we have done so far to this space:

  • Added white “cubbies” and black canvas baskets
  • Lowered the TV in between the taller cubbies so Em can see the TV
  • Added some carpet padding and a rug
  • Moved the pack ‘n play into the room
  • Moved all of Em’s toys into the room
  • Hung 1st birthday party inspiration piece from IKEA
  • Printed & framed pattern pieces from Sprik Spaces

Not too shabby.  But there is still so much left to do.

I would love to paint this room, but I’m scared because it basically shares the room with our dining room.  It’s one big room. 


I got this wicker chair at a local kids’ consignment.  It’s so cute and miniature.  I plan on spray painting it white.  The wad of fabric you see in the chair is the fabric I am going to use to make a cushion for the chair.  We’ll see.


We got the cubbies from Lowes.  It’s like Emily’s mini entertainment center.  They provide great storage and as you can see, I don’t even have most of the cubbies filled.  I love it though.  I just need to clean it up a little bit.  I am also hoping to find a solution for hiding those wires coming down from the TV.


These are the pattern pieces I downloaded and printed from Sprik Spaces.  Seriously… awesome are those?  And she just has them available for FREE!!!  Gotta love that!  We got the frames from IKEA for $5 each!  See the center picture?  See the splotches behind it?  Yeah, that’s where we spackled where the TV used to be mounted and I just didn’t paint over it.  Hah.  La-zy!  I’ll get to that one day.  :-)


My true battle with this room is the fireplace/mantle.  I think I am going to use the same fabric from the chair to make a long cushion to go in front of the fireplace.  It just doesn’t seem to safe over there.  The mantle is also giving me a hard time.  It’s still in it’s “formal living room” state.  I’d obviously like to take down the art print and replace it with a large mirror.  I’d also like to bring in some fun, colorful framed art {maybe some more pattern pieces}, maybe spray  paint those candle holders a pretty turquoise or something, and add some other fun & colorful elements.  Maybe a stack of children’s books?  Dr. Seuss?  I don’t know.  I’m kind of stumped on this mantle.  But I have found some great inspiration on Pinterest, so hopefully I can come up with something soon. 

I’d also like to either get new curtains for the room, or stencil the ones we have.  I think stenciling would be the more economical choice.  But again….I’m scared!  It seems so permanent to me {although I know it’s not and it’s an easy fix}!

Hopefully the playroom will be finished by the end of the month.  I’m ready for it to be finished. 

What do you guys think?  Do you have any ideas or inspiration to share with me?  Does your little one have a playroom?  Spill it!

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  1. It's looking great! We have some of those cubbies too. I love them! I like how you lines the wall with them--I could use more.

  2. Very fun artwork. Looking forward to see what you do with your mantle as I will be switching my playroom and living room around. I was thinking something like books too, and pictures of the kids.

  3. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

    Come strut your stuff.

  4. Amy,
    I LOVE how you framed up my pattern pieces for your daughter's playroom! (And how you've used them in your blog design, too.) I'm sharing this on the Sprik Space FB page today. :)


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