Friday, July 29, 2011

The Creative Connection Event {and roaches}

Hey guys!  Ok, so I have to start by telling you guys a story.  I tried my hand at the whole thrifting thing again today.  I was out running errands and passed by a Goodwill.  So I pulled in and thought I’d give it a shot and see if I could find a fun table or chair to makeover {in my endless amount of free time}.  I was browsing around not having much luck.  I walked to the back where they had all the furniture, rugs, lamps, etc.  That’s when I saw it. 

A roach.

Crawling across the floor. 

I just about gagged.  I was already a little freaked out by the smell in there.

That is when I proceeded to take my baby and march my not-so-happy butt outta there. 

I mean, gross.  I’m not a goody-two-shoes or a super clean-freak type of person by any means.  But when I saw that roach {which was about the size of a small kitten}, I couldn’t help but wonder how many others there were.  Or maybe there were rats.  Eeww. 

Moving on………

* * * * * * * *

Have you heard of The Creative Connection Event??  I just found out about it about a week ago!  I have been itching to attend a blog conference and try to learn as much as I possibly can!  I just want to go and meet some of my fav bloggers and be inspired and learn!

Enter The Creative Connection!!

This sounds like the perfect event for me!

Here’s the 411:

“Bringing together the creative process of handmade goods and food with the marketing savvy of business and social media, the second annual event will draw on the rich experience of over 100 industry experts, entrepreneurs, and authors. Hands-on workshops in cooking, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, crochet, creative writing, paper crafts, photography, food styling, book publishing, painting, baking, cheese making, canning, journaling, and more will be joined with social networking and business panels that focus on the practical details of setting up, running, and marketing a business and leveraging its impact through blogging and other social media.”

The good news is, they are giving away 2 FREE tickets to their event!!  And that includes hotel!!!  Say whaaaaa??

So I have the chance to attend an amazing event, be inspired, have a free hotel, AND bring a friend!?!  Where do I sign!!??

All you have to do is head over to the TCC Blog and leave a comment over there, on THEIR BLOG.

Done & done!  I really hope I win!

Wish me luck!

Have you guys attended any blog conferences or events?  Did you learn a lot?




  1. If you are looking for someone to take with you I have both hands in the air! Just sayin' :-)

  2. Hi Amy-

    I like thrifting, but if I saw a roach I would bolt right outta there, too. Yuck. I am lucky to live by one of the cleanest, most organized, un-smelly thrift stores ever.

    My best- Diane

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