Friday, July 29, 2011

The Thrift Gods Finally Smiled On Me!

I’ll admit, I don’t frequent thrift stores.  Like….I never go!  They sort of freak me out.  But I do recognize the fact that there are some serious treasures out there to be found.  I am constantly reading on some amazing blogs about all the wonderful things they find at thrift stores for soooooo cheap!  The handful of times I’ve been to a thrift store I’ve never been able to find anything worth my time.

Sometimes I think to myself, “I want in on that action”!

So yesterday Emily and I packed up and headed to a little town called Havana.  It’s about 20-3- minutes from where I live.  We went there because I wanted to go to this super cute children’s boutique called Sassy & Bud.  Local mamas……if you haven’t been there yet, you MUST GO!  Such cute stuff!  Ok, I’m getting off topic…..

Anyway, on our way up to Sassy & Bud I passed a junkyard thrift store called Secondhand Sandies.  I got the willies and kept on driving.  It just didn’t look like the kind of place I wanted to stop and take my baby into.  Well, on the way back we obviously had to drive by it again.  I kept driving.  But something, I don’t know what, but something told me to turn around and go back.  I mean, what was there to lose, right?  I figured I’d just pop in for 5 minutes and check it out. 

I’m so glad I did!

I finally had some luck!!

I got 3 amazing milk glass pieces!!!


First up, this stand!  I love, love, love it!  It was $9.  A little pricey for a thrift store (I thought), but the lady said it was antique.  Who knows.  I can’t wait to put some cookies on this bad boy!


Next is this small bowl.  It needs some cleaning, but with some soap, water, and a sponge I bet this thing will shine like new!  It’s perfect for holding jewelry and/or other small trinkets.  And at $2, I couldn’t pass it up!


This is another small bowl/cup/thingy-ma-bob.  It has a textured print on the outside.  So neat!  I love it.  $3 for this beaute!  This will look great on top of a stack of books or something.

I am so glad I stopped!  The thrift gods finally smiled on me.  Now I’m kind of itching to go see what else I can find!

Have you had any killer thrift store finds lately?

Happy Friday!!!  Have a great weekend!!





  1. LOVE all of your finds!! :) I have a cake plate and little compote that match the first piece with the heart lace you got! :) That was a great deal too at $9!! :) You can lace ribbon around the edges of it when you serve things in it to brighten it up!! :) Great finds!! Hope you find more and more!! Welcome to the thrifting world!! ;)
    Beth :)

  2. I know what you mean, I just got that "turn around feeling" at a garage sale today too! I also love milk glass. Cool pieces!


  3. I recently found a milk glass thingy at Goodwill for $4 and managed a few days later to find a matching smaller one at an antique store for $3!!!


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