Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Front Door Sidelight Window Solution

A while back I was struggling with a privacy solution for the windows on either side of our front door.  Our front door is g-i-a-n-t!!  It is super tall (9 or 10 feet).  Therefore, the windows on either side are also super tall.  When we first moved into the house, we purchased some of Rustoleum’s “frost” spray paint.  We never used it because we were afraid of uneven coverage.  I didn’t really want sheers to go there, but I literally was about to have my mom sew some because I just couldn’t find another solution.

Enter Madigan Made.  I saw this post where she had the same issue and used some stained glass paint to make her sidelight windows gorgeous!

Doesn’t that look awesome!  I was sold.  She gave a tutorial and off to Michael’s I ran to gather my supplies.  I followed her tutorial to a “t”.  Let’s just say, mine didn’t turn out all that great.

The black stuff (I don’t even remember what it was called now) kept peeling off.  It didn’t look “awesome” like I thought it would, so I took the black stuff off.  When I first painted the windows, I left the outer portion unpainted.  I still kind of wanted to be able to see out.  So, when I peeled the black stuff off, it looked horrible because there was an uneven line of unpainted space.  So, I went back over the unpainted portion with some more of the stained glass paint.  Well, that left me with uneven coverage. 


See what I mean?  You can totally tell where the black outline used to be.  It stayed like this for about 5 months. 

Until yesterday.

I finally got tired of looking at the ugliness that was my front door.  I couldn’t stand that it was the first thing people saw when they first came to my house.  Even though no one probably noticed, it bothered me. 

Fortunately for me, the stained glass paint scraped off really easy!  Just a little Windex and a straight edge razor was all I needed.


It peeled right off. 

I cleaned all the windows really well and taped them off.


Then, I proceeded to spray the windows with the “frost” spray paint.  It turned out much better than I expected!!!  It’s not perfect, but it definitely looks SOOOOO much better than what was there before!


Nice and even coverage!


Light still comes in, but we have privacy!  I love it. 

I’m also thinking about painting our front door.  Shelley at House of Smiths recently did and it looks soooooo good!  Hmmm…we’ll see.  I have about 501 things to do instead of that so it will probably have to wait.

So what do you think about the sidelight windows?  Have you used the “frost” spray paint before? 




  1. Hi! I am considering using some frost spray paint on a bathroom window, and on my parents' front door side windows (like yours). What brand did you use? How is it holding up? Love your blog!!!

  2. oh, reply to this one, please!! thanks


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