Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Tree & Mantle

Hi, Friends!
Happy Friday!!! 
I have to say, I am super, super, super happy and excited today.  My husband has been in Las Vegas for an entire week!  He flew out last Friday and is coming home today!  He had a training for work out there, but went out a few days early for some fun boy time with one of his friends that came over from L.A.  I have to say….I have missed him terribly.  Sometimes I forget how much I need him.  He’s the peanut butter to my jelly.  The bacon to my eggs.  The ying to my yang.  The elastic to my granny panties.  He’s Donnie, I’m Marie.  He’s Ross, I’m Rachel.  You get the point.  I miss him.
Anywho….I didn’t mean to get all mushy gushy on you!
I have been slowly bringing out our Christmas decorations.  I’ve kind of had to start from scratch on a super tight budget since I went with a neutral theme this year.  I wanted to use lots of silver & gold and natural textures, with lots of white and ivory.  Remember my Christmas décor inspiration post?  I also wanted to incorporate some pops of red, which is what I did with my Christmas pillow covers in the family room!
So….here is our tree this year.  We bought a smaller tree and put it up on a table.  It’s definitely not my favorite but we had to.  Emily just started walking and she just loves to explore.  I could see the tree just being a disaster if we would have put it on the floor.
I made the burlap & tulle garlands.  I took inspiration from the amazing ladies over at Do It Yourself Divas.

Our mantle this year is very simple.  It’s not very deep so I’m limited to what I can put on it with the garland.  But I just love the look of garland on a mantle. 
The vase on the left is filled with a $3 sprig of pinecones and berries from Target.  The silver owl was a $5 find at Ross several months ago.  I got it for Emily’s birthday party, but he has become a staple on the mantle.  I made the wreath that is hanging from the mirror.  It is made of tulle and is accented with a pretty poinsettia flower and some gorgeous cream and gold glittery ribbon.  The gold reindeer on the right was a $1 spot Target find.  Although it was $2.50, not $1.  Still not too shabby!
And of course, we put up Emily’s little tree!

So that’s it!  What do you think?  I’m really liking the whole “neutral” thing and I think I might stick with it again next year too.  Maybe next year I’ll get around to making the burlap & linen tree skirt I wanted to make this year.  What does your décor look like this Holiday season?  I’d LOVE to see!  Please share!
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  1. I love your burlap garland! adorable! also, with a tight budget, a smaller tree is probably a blessing. less tree-footage to cover!

    gorgeous, as always :)


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