Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simple Christmas Pillow Covers

By now you have probably realized that I have a thing for pillows.  And my new found love for these easy envelope pillow covers (the tutorial that I follow can be found here) just took my crush to the next level!!  Pillows are such an easy way to update your décor.  They are a great way to add just the right amount of a pop of color to any room!
Like I mentioned, I usually follow the super easy tutorial from Texas Cottage.  But, the other day I was in Hobby Lobby and found some really pretty kitchen towels for $2.50!  It was a gorgeous canvas that had Merry Christmas written all over it in different fonts in red.  The 2nd kitchen towel was plain red.  I snagged up 2 of these for a total of $5!  I knew these would be perfect pillows and still neutral enough to go with my neutral Christmas décor this year. 
I really wanted to make these envelope pillow style so I could easily slip my existing pillows in them (like I did in this post).  Pillow covers are also so easy to store!  Once a season is over, you just take them off and fold them up and store away for next year.
The problem with the kitchen towels is that I couldn’t really use the tutorial that I usually follow to make these covers.  Then I saw Shelley from The House of Smiths post about their Christmas décor.  She used napkins and towels to make envelope style pillows for her home too!  She told me that she just cut the back piece of fabric into 2 pieces and overlapped them to create the “envelope”.   DUH!  So easy!  So that is exactly what I did!
The red & green plaid pillows are napkins from Target and I used the same method with those.  The only difference is I used pieces of canvas drop cloth for the back!  I am LOVING canvas drop cloth right now!IMG_6882

I’m loving how they turned out and I love the pop of red!
I am slowly but surely finishing up the rest of our Christmas decorations.  I’ve had a lot of orders from my Etsy shop to work on lately so I’ve been super busy with that.
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