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Home Goals 2012

Last year I didn’t make any home goals.  I figured I’d just do what I could when I could.  Well, we did a lot, but I still think we could have made much more progress if we would’ve had a clear set of defined goals!

So this year, I’m making some goals gosh darn it!

I have a lot of things I would like to do around here so let’s take a look, shall we?

dining room

stenciled wall

Goals for Dining Room:

  • Add faux wainscoting under chair rail
  • Find or sew slipcovers for zebra chairs
  • Make a burlap pendant light to replace fixture
  • Remove or find new cushions for chairs
  • Figure out wall art

family room

family room

Goals for Family Room:

  • Make new curtains that aren’t high-waters!  This has been driving me crazy for ages!
  • Disguise dog cage a little better or find it a new home.  We love having the dogs in the family room with us (and they love it too), but the cage is such an eye sore.  I need to figure something out.
  • Change out the Christmas art on the canvas board.
  • Find new end tables since we sold our old ones on Craigslist last week.

play room

kids play room

Ummm….this room is a hot mess and I have some big plans for it!  I’m just keepin’ it real with these pictures, people!  I’m actually ok with this room being a hot mess because it’s Emily’s space to play and be creative.

Goals for Play Room:

  • Paint.  I’m probably going to use the stencil color from the dining room since they are adjoining and wide open to each other.
  • Hang rain gutters for book shelves.  We’ve already purchased the gutter, we just need to cut it and hang it.
  • Get a small table and chairs for an art station.  I’m thinking this option from IKEA.  But, I would like to paint the table and chairs white and paint the top with chalkboard paint.

  • I want to take that shelf out of the corner and possibly make that the “art corner”.  That is where I’d put the table above and come up with a creative way to display her artwork in that corner.
  • I also want to get rid of the red couch.  I would like to replace it with 2 little lounge chairs.  These are some good options:

chair options

1  -   2  -   3

  • I’d also like to add some fun stripes to the curtains in here as well!



IMG_7294       IMG_7293 IMG_7295

I have had some big plans for this room.  I was super stoked about painting some pretty gray stripes on these walls until I looked at these pictures just now and realized those darn boxes are a little bit of a problem.  Hhmm…..let’s see how creative I can get because I really want those stripes!!

Goals For The Laundry Room:

  • Paint stripes (or just paint the walls plain if the stripes won’t work)
  • Add some storage with cabinets above washer & dryer
  • Slide washer and dryer down closer to doorway
  • Build a make-shift folding table against the far wall
  • Add shelving and cute baskets for gift wrapping supplies
  • Add clear containers and jars for laundry detergent, etc.
  • Get it to look as much like Jen’s laundry room as humanly possible.



This room makes me want to vom in my mouth a little bit.  We literally NEVER use it (guests very rarely stay with us and when they do, we give them our bedroom since the guest room is adjacent to Emily’s room).  I hate, hate, hate this room.

Goals For The Guest Room:

  • Get new bedding.  Literally, anything but this brown and blue will do!!  Bleh.  I’m looking for light and bright in this room!
  • Change out artwork.
  • Find a different place for the ridiculously large highboy.  This room is FAR too small for a huge highboy and a huge desk.  And we need our desk.  So it’s stayin’.  Not really sure what to do with the highboy.
  • Hang new curtains.
  • Maybe paint.  I really don’t like painting at all so painting this room will be one of those things that happens if I have time and if I get really bored. 



Do I even need to say anything??  This room is such a disaster.  Again, just keeping it real!  There is so much I want to do in here.

Goals for the Master Bedroom:

  • Make it more of a relaxing, peaceful place (this might require actually folding the laundry and putting it away).
  • Possibly close off that window to the right of the bed.  I’ve always hated this window because it’s placement makes zero sense to me.  It’s a random window on a random wall and I’m not a fan.  I was totally justified this morning when I read that Chris from Just A Girl is having the same problem in her bedroom!  Random window with no purpose = hate!  Smile  If I can’t get rid of the window, then this is my inspiration photo:

This is a wall almost just like ours.  Random one window.  I love the wall color and the bed too.  This is what I’m aiming for!  So to achieve this I need to:

  • paint
  • get more pillows
  • find artwork/mirror for over bed
  • DIY a bed/headboard
  • redo the nightstands so they’re not so matchy matchy
  • find a huge fabulous mirror to hang over the dresser instead of the mirror that came with the dresser


And that’s about it!  Considering these are my home goals for 2012, I have a whole entire year to get this stuff done!!  Now if I can teach my impatient self to pace these projects out and not start too many things at once, we’ll be good to go! 

I can’t wait to share my progress with you!  I’m so glad I made these goals this year and that I have shared them with you.  This way I can actually be held accountable! 

Have you set any home goals for 2012?

Thanks for stopping by!  You’re wonderful!


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  1. You could always put a large piece of artwork or a mirror on the laundry room wall with hinges (like here: or here: That way, you could still get your stripes!

  2. Great goals! I too have a long list! Best wishes for you to get it all done too! Love the bedroom inspiration photo -- it is stunning!

  3. I love the idea of setting home goals. I did it last year and it was awesome when I checked each one off. Your goals seem great. I found you via The Nester. I hope you will drop by and say hi.

  4. I think you have some great goals set; good luck! I am anxious to follow your progress and see how everything goes.


  5. Our guest bedroom is kind of a pit of despair here too. :-) It's basically just a half empty room with white walls. I painted it over Christmas to do the rest! Good luck with your goals, and interested to see what you end up doing in the laundry room!

  6. Awesome goals Amy!! I need to write up a post of mine too! I am sure it felt good to put it all down on paper. We just created a playroom in our basement for Jillian because her toys were taking over the house after her birthday and Christmas. Having a Toddler sure doesn't accessorize the house very well, does it?

  7. You have great ideas for your home!

    My name is Kristen Crosby and I'm with Design Shuffle. I was wondering if you could email me at I would love to discuss a guest post opportunity with you!


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