Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Family Room Curtains

You guys may or may not remember in my Home Goals post, I mentioned that one of my goals for our family room was to buy/make new curtains.  You know, ones that weren’t high waters.
These curtains used to be 96”.  Then they got washed and they shrunk to 88”.  We have super tall windows so 96” barely sweeps the ground.  After the wash, they shrunk up about 8”.  Gross.  I was really missing those 8”.  Highwater  curtains don’t really tickle my pickle, ya know?
I lived with it for a long time though.  I guess I was just waiting for the right “deal” on curtain panels to pop up or for me to find the right fabric.  But let’s face it, curtain panels are ridiculously expensive and fabric can be too.  Especially when I needed about 12 yards of fabric. 
Enter Black Friday.
My cousin and I decided to brave some of the Black Friday sales.  There was something at Sears that she wanted to buy for her son.  While there, some sheets caught my eye!  I liked the design and they were gray so they would match our d├ęcor.  They were on sale for $10 (for the whole set).  So, I bought 2 sets of sheets.  They sat in a closet since then.  Until yesterday. 
I finally busted these bad boys out and sewed them up.  I just cut the flat sheets in half to create my 4 panels.
I really love that they were super cheap sheets (like 100 count kinda cheap) so they are nice and flowy and sheer.  They let in tons of light!  But best of all……THEY’RE NOT HIGH WATERS!!
Oh….and I moved that bookshelf into the family room.  I’m not sure if I love it there.  I think I might slap some white DIY chalk paint on that bad boy (everything’s a “bad boy” today.  weird.) and see if it makes a difference. 
Anyway, I’m not totally in love with these curtains but they are LOADS better than the high waters.  So I’m happy….for now.  Smile  And you can’t really beat 4 new curtain panels for $20!
So that’s that!  New curtains.  $20.  Happy mama!
Thanks for stopping by!! 

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  1. They look great! I love the gray! I'm also cracking up at your first picture- it looks like my tv every morning. :)

  2. Beautiful!! Such a great deal, I can't believe they are sheets!

  3. A $10 curtain set? What a score! And it is certainly a good find! I like the sheer beauty of the fabric because it still allows natural light to come inside the house. And it gives that flowy, romantic vibe to the space.


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