Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, if you follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook page you probably have realized by now that I have a slight obsession.

With New Kids On The Block

Like, it’s borderline disgusting how obsessed I am.

I’m not the crazy obsessed type that posts on NKOTB message boards and has a NKOTB tattoo or anything.

It all started when I was 6.  I went to my first concert and it was NKOTB.  My cousin and I sat in the nosebleed section crying like little girls because we couldn’t believe we were actually there seeing our 5 favorite boys of all time.  My obsession didn’t stop at just going to a concert.  Oh no.

I had the lunchbox and thermos, a few different nightgowns, the enormous buttons to put on my jean jacket {don’t act like you didn’t have a jean jacket that you drew on with puff paint}, the dolls, the tapes, the videos, I recorded them on VHS every time they were on TV (in fact, my mom just found a VHS where we recorded them on the Oprah show), I had a big toy chest that had NKOTB on it, I had the sheets and sleeping bags.  I mean… was ridiculous.  And I still have a lot of that stuff! 

Fast forward 20 years.  They made a comeback!!!

new kids on the block-saidaonline

Grown men!!

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about anything in my whole life (ok, maybe my wedding day and the birth of my child.  Maybe  Winking smile). 

November of 2008 a few girlfriends and I went to Ft. Lauderdale to see the new New Kids On The Block in concert.  Of course I already had every song on their new album memorized!!  My girlfriend worked at a t-shirt printing company at the time and had shirts made for all of us.

Yes, the back of my shirt says “Future Mrs. Wahlberg!  Or Waller if we can’t get back stage!”  Classic!  Obviously we didn’t make it back stage because my last name is Waller now.



Give it to me D-Dub!!

Seriously.  Epic.

I’m sure most of you are saying in your heads, “Geez lady, grow up!  You have a husband, a kid, and have yet to lose your baby weight.  Get over it!”

But I refuse!  Nope.  I’m in for the long haul.

In fact, I’m doing it all over again TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!  Yessssss!!

I am taking a baby-free, hubby-free trip to Orlando with my girlfriend Amber to partake in this epic-ness again!  This time with the Backstreet Boys (another one of my “tween” years favs)!!!

Seriously, words cannot describe how excited I am.  F’real!

We are meeting up with friends before the show for dinner and drinks.  I might have dribbled in my pants a time or two I’m just soooooo excited!!!

Ok, enough about that.  I will be back next week with a full report and pictures from this glorious occasion!

Until then……keep “hangin’ tough”!  {Hahahaha…..I had to!  I couldn’t resist!}



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  1. Hahaha! You are cracking me up. I totally get it. :) Have a blast!!


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