Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Padalily {aka….life saver}

Have you heard of Padalily??

If you’re a mom, chances are you have!  A Padalily is a pure stroke of genius stylish, thick pad that goes on your car seat handle.  It basically helps ease the pain of toting around your chunk of love! 

I literally would get blood blisters in the bend of my elbow from carrying Emily in her car seat.  And that was just from the kitchen to the garage!  Forget trying to run in a store really quick.  Oh the pain.

I broke down and purchased a Padalily at my local baby boutique.  It has been a serious life saver!!

That’s the one I got!  It has the minky material down the middle!  So soft!

They have tons of different styles and patterns to choose from!


Aren’t they so cute!  And they are reaaaally thick so it helps distribute the weight of the car seat.

I love mine.  But it was kind of pricey.  And I do think now {in hindsight} that I could have DIY’d one like Preppy Mom did!  Look how hers turned out:

Not too bad!

So, moms, have you ever tried a Padalily?  Or have you DIY’d your own?  I’d love to hear your stories!!

PS – I was not paid or perked by Padalily.  It has just so happened to be a great purchase in our household and I love it dearly.



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  1. I actually just saw one of these in the baby section of a Meijer store. Not the same brand but the same concept. There was only one pattern there, but it was cute! I think it was $12.99.


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