Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 Projects/Posts of 2011

Hi friends!!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!  I know I sure did.  Santa was very good to me and even better to Emily.  It was so fun watching her open all of her presents and play with all her new goodies!  I hope to post some pics from our Christmas soon!
I wanted to start a new tradition here on the blog.  I would like to post the top 10 projects from this year….according to YOU guys!!  That’s right!  I was looking at my analytics and thought it would be fun to share the most popular posts from this year!
So….here goes!

#10  Under The Stairs Closet Re-do

#9  Monogrammed Pumpkin

#8  Sleeping Baby Sign

#7  Pinterest Challenge Canvas Art

#6  Crockpot Lemon Herb Chicken

#5  Football Season Crafts

#4  DIY Tabbed Back Chevron Curtains

#3  Emily’s First Birthday Party

#2  Burlap & Felt Christmas Pillow

And the most viewed project of 2011 was………..

#1  DIY Mercury Glass

Thank you all so much for your support this year and for sticking around and sharing this little corner of “blogland” with me!  I just love writing this blog and sharing bits of my life, home, and family with you.  I have had several new followers lately so welcome to all of you!!  Thanks to those who have been with me for ages too!  I have big plans for 2012 and this little ‘ole blog of mine!  So I hope you stick around and continue to share this journey with me!
Although I love all of those projects above, I’ll be back to share my favorites from this year tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I seriously love that monogrammed pumpkin! Halloween, hurry and up get here. (Ummmm...I think I have kind of a long wait, don't I??)


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