Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Small Dining Room Update


Our dining room is still a work in progress.  We still need to add the faux wainscoting to the bottom part of the wall and paint it white.

But, I just can’t imagine starting another big project right now.  I mean, not that adding faux wainscoting is a huge ordeal, but it will be time consuming and involve more paint and paint brushes and after painting the whole playroom by myself…..I’m just not interested in that right now.  At least not for another week or two!  Hehehe!  Winking smile

Anyway, I did make a couple minor updates since you saw it last.

#1.  I added some décor to top of the buffet table and hung a mirror (and of course I hung it too high and have been too lazy to move it down some).


Nothing crazy and the vignette is still a work in progress too, but it’s a start.  I need to find something to fill the tall vase on the left and I’d like to replace the lamp.  I also STILL need to slipcover those dadgum zebra chairs.  It’s on the list.

The update I’m most thrilled with is the addition of some simple wall art.

You’ll see in the very first picture that the wall to the left of the doorway was blank.  I had to big empty wall spaces to fill on either side of the window.


I found these gorgeous distressed white iron scroll-y doom-a-jigs at Hobby Lobby!  And they were 40% off (which made it about $25 for both of them)!  I knew they would be perfect for the space!  And they are!  I think they were the perfect addition.


Love, love, love them! 

Now if we can just ever get the rest of the room finished.  One day motivation will strike, I just know it! 

Thanks for listening to me ramble about the small things that make me giddy!


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  1. love the little touches especially the wall decor on each side of the window, so pretty!

  2. Oh my word this is GORGEOUS! That wallpapaer?! Is amazing!!! Come to my house please! lol

  3. The post is giving an update on small dining room. Good post


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