Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scott's Snap Spreader System

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring has definitely arrived here in sunny North Florida.  The weather is amazing and the skies are blue!  All this nice weather definitely has me wanting to be outside more!  

We had a HUGE deck built out back for Emily's birthday party.  We had to have some of the pipes for our sprinkler system re-routed.  They dug a big trench and did what they needed to do to the water lines.  Well, that big trench has left the part of the yard that is right by the deck a little ummmm.....ugly!


We don't have harsh winters here with snow and whatnot.  But, we do have lots and lots of direct sunshine.  If we don't run our sprinklers on a consistent schedule when the weather is nice, the rest of our yard can also pay the price and end up brown instead of green.  Not pretty.

With all this nice weather, and a toddler who LOVES to be outside, I am dreaming of a yard that looks a little something like this.....

 nice yard 


or like this......

  nice yard 2  



I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time outside in that lush, green grass!?!  

I definitely don't want to deal with this all Spring/Summer long.....

    our yard    

This is where Scotts® Snap® Spreader System comes into play!  My husband, Scott, literally just fertilized our yard the other day.  I went out into the garage and there were little pink pellets EVERYWHERE!  It would be super awesome if Emily picked one of those up and ate it!

With Scotts® Snap® Spreader System, there is no mess!  The Snap Pac connects directly to the Snap Spreader so there is no cutting, no opening, and no pouring from heavy bags (which also means no more pink fertilizer pellets all over my garage)!  The system auto-sets the proper flow rate so there's no guessing! It also has an super neat EdgeGuard feature that keeps product where you want - on the lawn!!  When you are done, the Snap Pac self-seals when you remove it from the spreader, making it easy to store!

As if that wasn't cool enough, Scotts also has Snap perks on Facebook!  You could be eligible to win a riding lawn mower!!  I know my hubs would LOVE that!

Still not convinced?  Check out these testimonials from real Scotts Snap Spreader users....

So, next time you're at the home improvement store and you're looking to give your lawn a little lovin', be sure to check out Scotts Snap Spreader System!  I know I definitely will!  They "clay-like' look next to the deck is totally not "in" this season!  ;-)

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