Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi, friends!! I'm at a technology training today so I thought what a better way to integrate and practice technology than to whip up a blog post! LOL :) 

I wanted to share with you my latest obsession. Instagram. Nothing new, but it has really become my most favorite thing within the past several months! I've been on Instagram for ages, but used to never post pictures and would only check in and look at others' pictures maybe once every couple of weeks. 
Now, I'm looking on there once every couple of hours!!! I'm obsessed!

So, are you on Instagram?  If you are....let's be friends!!  I love checking out everyone's photos.  It's like Facebook without all the "I'm wiping, then doing laundry, and my dog just sneezed" updates!  I love it!  And lets face it, it's so much easier to snap a pic and write a quick caption than to sit down on my computer with my little monkey crawling all over me to write a blog post.  So if you'd like to keep up with me and what's going on in my crazy life, check out my Instagram!  @amynwaller

So.....follow me already, will ya!  

Speaking of following, are you a teacher, used to be a teacher, or have teacher friends?  If so, I'd love for you to check out my new teaching blog The Polka Dot Apple!  I'll be posting lesson ideas, bulletin boards, classroom pics, teaching/classroom crafts, and so much more!  Please spread the word!  Thanks a million!

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